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Stream: White Suns, “Footprints Filled”

April 03, 2012

Woah this is insane. There is no undertow on "Footprints Filled," just a firehose barrage until all the paint is blasted off the side of the wall and even the water that splashes off residually kind of stings on your skin. White Suns are from Brooklyn and we have not seen them live yet but they are the noisiest band we have heard in a very long time and so we have lots of crazy fantasies about how wild seeing them live will be when they play April 14 at Death by Audio. There will presumably be no breaks, no intermissions, just 30-odd minutes in which no other sound in the world could be heard over those guitars. Their album Sinews will be out on Load Records on April 17.

Stream: White Suns, "Footprints Filled"

Posted: April 03, 2012
Stream: White Suns, “Footprints Filled”