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Stream: Laurel Halo, “Light and Space”

April 12, 2012

"Light and Space" is the last song on Laurel Halo’s upcoming album on Hyperdub, Quarantine, though it works well as an initiation. Words are just words she sings, husky and unadorned. The keyboards gurgle and slink behind her, occasionally sounding like a flute. There are no drums present. Halo, a Michigan native, has worked often in a techno zone, and while "Light and Space" is certainly a cousin to more beat-based music, it is nothing if not amorphous. Her King Felix project derives its power from heavy forward motion, but here she is content to float; the vocals, occasionally doubled and slightly out of tune, are what's most striking. It's a sort of inverse of her past work and that breadth is exciting. The rest of Quarantine, all works similarly, though it travels a long distance. It is a truly raw and exciting record, though not in the way you may have expected, which is always for the best. Quarantine will be released May 28th in the UK and June 5th in the US. (via Gorilla vs Bear)

Stream: Laurel Halo, "Light and Space"

Posted: April 12, 2012
Stream: Laurel Halo, “Light and Space”