La Chat, “Gangsta” MP3

Photographer Glennisha Morgan
April 25, 2012

La Chat’s new song "Gangsta" is just a solid reminder of who she is (in case you forgot), an ode to riding for, remaining in and representing Memphis rap for fifteen-odd years. A group of filmmakers from Brooklyn are working on a documentary on the underappreciated Chat, and in a preview of the film, she talks about how she's humble, how she's always rapped for the people, the struggle, "real stuff," and not cars and diamonds—"Gangsta" is about that kind of earnestness, a promise to remain gangster now and always. They say that I'm too hood/ But bitches niggas love us. Chat's playing a show this weekend in New York, check out details here.

Download: La Chat, "Gangsta"

Posted: April 25, 2012
La Chat, “Gangsta” MP3