Photos: FADER #79 Release Party Starring Brian DeGraw

Photographer Emily Berl
May 08, 2012

We gathered in the made-of-glass Sky Room on the top floor of the New Museum last night to celebrate the release of FADER #79—the Icon Issue starring Philip Glass. Guests sipped Budweiser, Bushmills Irish Whiskey and vitaminwater as they flipped through mags and admired a striking view of the city on the terrace. Gang Gang Dance’s Brian Degraw (who compared Glass' music to taking LSD in F79) spun Richie Spice and Machinedrum while Alex Karpovsky from HBO's Girls mingled with Queens rappers Children of the Night. It might have been the glowing green interior of the elevator opening and closing, or maybe there was magic in the air, but everyone looked pretty radiant. Check out the slideshow below and head over to our Facebook page to see and tag more photos.

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Posted: May 08, 2012
Photos: FADER #79 Release Party Starring Brian DeGraw