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Itemized: White Canvas Authentic Vans

May 15, 2012

I have to admit, it felt a little weird to write about these Vans. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that, for me, it feels like those commercials for cotton. I'm just going to end up wearing some cotton! I don't really need to be sold on it, you know? It's always going to be part of my life, unless it somehow goes away entirely (Mayan Apocalypse, alternate unnamed apocalypse). I feel the same way about these Vans. I've gone through countless pairs, and I keep waiting for the bubble to burst on them being my go-to sneaker. Hasn't happened yet! And that's not to say it wont. But for now, these are the shoes that I put on when I need to just go outside for a second, the shoes I put on when it looks like it might be sunny, the shoes that I put on when I think I might be in a situation where socks are not an option. They're also the shoes that get instantly dirty and I don't care at all, the shoes that wear down in the heels from walking too much, the shoes that give me blisters after months, and the shoes that sit in the corner of my room, long after their expiration date, just because I don't want to pull the plug until I get another pair. I will never be able to hand a pair of these to any kids I might have, but I also wouldn't want to. It's not like they're expensive. In fact, they're basically the shoe equivalent of a 7-inch. Buy them, wear them out, and then get some more. Worst comes to worst, you get tired of them for a couple years, but you'll probably come back. I know I always do.

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Itemized: White Canvas Authentic Vans