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Video: Jonathan Boulet, “This Song is Called Ragged (Live)”

May 15, 2012

In the past, when I've written about Jonathan Boulet, I've used it as a platform to talk about humans being inclusive to each other (but not in that creepy, culty way that these things can so often become), and what that can do to your emotions and the music you make or love. There's just something romantic about listening to a record and imagining a million friends crammed into a sweaty studio, all collaborating on music, from the vocals right down to the dude who is responsible for hitting the triangle like twice per song. On We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart, Boulet's new album (out June 12th on Modular), "This Song is Called Ragged" hits all those good-vibes-in-the-universe-so-let's-just-get-in-the-same-mental-zone notes, but there are darker moments embedded in its distorted thump as well. In this live video, which is actually kind of an eye opener, there are just two people in a room. Boulet sitting at a drum set, playing guitar and fiddling with some electronics, before bringing in some heavy drumwork at the end. It's a drastically different interpretation of the song than the one on his album, but it also illustrates that sometimes doing something with a lot of other people—even when its huge and loud and a group effort—can be deeply personal. Boulet will play two shows with Tom Vek and Kindness in Australia later this month (dates below). If you're somehow there, you could do a whole lot worse than getting cathartic at one of those shows.

Thur 24 May - The Hi Fi, Melbourne
Tom Vek, Kindness, Jonathan Boulet, Architecture in Helsinki DJs (get tickets)

Sat 26 May - Opera House [Studio], Sydney
Tom Vek, Kindness, Jonathan Boulet, Van She Tech, Purple Sneakers DJs (get tickets)

Video: Jonathan Boulet, “This Song is Called Ragged (Live)”