Exhibit: Graphic Design—Now in Production

Photographer Franz Vos
June 04, 2012

In our interview in FADER #79, Andrew Blauvelt, design director and curator at the Walker Art Center, told us about some of the current design trends he's most interested in, the threads of which make up the bulk of Graphic Design—Now in Production, an exhibition he co-curated with Ellen Lupton, which premiered at The Walker last fall and has since traveled to Governors Island in conjunction with Cooper Hewitt. The show will be on view through September 3rd and open every Saturday, Sunday and holiday Monday, and, if you can only bring yourself to travel to and from one island in NYC on your commute, you can purchase the very excellently designed accompanying catalogue.

Experimental Jetset, "Statement and Counter-Statement," 2011, Courtesy the artists

Dexter Sinister, selection from "We Would Like to Share (Some Thoughts on a Possible School Badge)," 2006, Courtesy the artists

Meike Gerritzen, Beware of Software vest from the Saved by Droog Project, 2010. Text: Geert Lovink. PPhoto: Stefanie Grätz. Copyright Droog Design

Top Image: David Bennewith, "Churchward International Typefaces," 2009, Photo by Franz Vos, Jan van Eyck Academie, Courtesy the artist

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Exhibit: Graphic Design—Now in Production