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Download Bicep’s Muscle Worx Mix

July 03, 2012

The other day, in a particularly stony moment, a friend said to me: "Whoa, electronic music is, like, really popular right now. It's crazy." And yeah! It is. Some of the biggest artists in the world right now happen to make electronic music. As a genre, though, it's interesting in the sense that it's fueled by a constant push forward, a constant desire to update classic electronic tropes, and a need to innovate and never really look back. It's an admirable thing, but can be daunting for newcomers. What about the entire history of this stuff? There's plenty of great forgotten/underappreciated/overlooked material. Bicep clearly have an understanding of that, which is why they've created this mix (also there are a lot of jams on it, which is another good reason to make something). Here's what they had to say about it:

"Whilst moving forward is essential in dance music, looking back is equally important. Digging through big ole' dusty crates is a passion of ours and continuing on the theme of our recent track "$tripper" we've put together a mix of some of our favourite ’90s inspired finds from the past two years! It's a mixture of vinyl and some subtle edits which we recorded recently in London summing up what we feel is proper house music at it's finest."

Download: Bicep's Muscle Worx Mix

Tour Dates:
24|06 - We Love…Space, Ibiza

06|07 - Homelectric, Manchester, UK
07|07 - Fabric London,UK
13|07 - Vintage Festival, UK
14|07 - Electric Elephant, Croatia
22|07 - We Love…Space, Ibiza
24|07 - Scion New York, US
25|07 - Scion LA, US
28|07 - Farr Festival, UK

04|08 - Eastern Electrics, UK
10|08 - Helsinki, Flow Festival + Afterparty, FNL
23|08 - Zurich Open Air, Switzerland
24|08 - Cosmic Boogie, LDN UK

02|09 - We Love Space, Ibiza
27|09 - Snafu Aberdeen, UK
28|09 - Arches, Glasgow UK
29|09 - Tief, Corsica Studios, LDN UK
30|09 - We Love…Space, Ibiza
02|11 - Light Box, London, UK
16|11 - Stealth, Nottingham, UK

Download Bicep’s Muscle Worx Mix