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Stream: Mungolian Jetset, “Smells Like Gasoline”

July 26, 2012

The club-friendly beat that drives "Smells Like Gasoline" can either mask or highlight all the delicate little flourishes that decorate the song's nine plus-minute run. It's almost too subtle to be called epic, but it does have enough variation to make you wonder what might come next. Spoiler alert: it's neither a cliffhanger nor a heart-stopping denouement, but rather a proggy progression (as redundant as that may be) in theme with some great scenery along the way. Mungolian Jetset’s new album Mungodelics is out August 21st on Smalltown Supersound.

Stream: Mungolian Jetset, "Smells Like Gasoline"

Posted: July 26, 2012
Stream: Mungolian Jetset, “Smells Like Gasoline”