Cop a Look: The 1992 Olympic Dream Team

August 02, 2012

The United States Basketball team that arrived in Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games had one major thing going for it, and that was that it boasted the most talent assembled on any single sports roster, ever. They were the Dream Team, and the public couldn't get enough of Sir Charles, Magic and the rest of the squad's charisma. "It was like Elvis and the Beatles put together," said Head Coach Chuck Daly. No other nation compared, on paper or on the court. Team USA didn't just win every game, but ran through the competition like very tall men possessed. The United States had triumphed in the Olympics before, and would certainly do so again, but no one ever sold the world on America's dominance like the Dream Team did that summer in Barcelona.

To commemorate such a shining moment in American sportsmanship, and almost twenty years to the day since the ’92 squad won gold, we've selected some items to help you show a little USA pride. The players donned sportswear because, well, they were there to play a sport, but the items below are updated versions of the athletic attire the Dream Team helped turn into a global trend. This was right before streetwear became oversized and sagging (thanks Allen Iverson). The Dream Team looked as good as they played, especially in the team suit. For your updated look, we've given you color options beyond the typical red, white, and blue because unless you're actually competing for a medal, walking around looking like a human flag isn't exactly the look you want to go for.

Clockwise from Left: Team USA Olympics Sweatshirt, Knicks New Era Snapback Hat from Lids, Air Jordan VI Retro Olympics from OSNEAKER.

From Left: Ben Sherman Short Sleeved Tipped Polo, Supreme Arc Crew Tee

Clockwise from Left: Nike Summerized Windrunner Jacket, Acne John Cotton Sweatpant, Converse All-Star High Tops

From Left: Supreme Mesh Short, Spalding Pro Basketball

Cop a Look: The 1992 Olympic Dream Team