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Download Yacht Club’s Nonnavera Mixtape

August 07, 2012

Ben Cook, aka Young Governor of the hardcore band Fucked Up, has a new, very not-hardcore project called Yacht Club, a throwback to early ’80s synthpop. In the above video for "Flash," Cook appears in a goofy V-neck and blazer with shoulder pads, but the song's clever chorus and the stoic bedroom eyes of the video's wide-collared vixen wipe away most traces of irony in his breathless New Romanticism. Yacht Club hardly winks; its ambition seems to be earnest homage, and so far its doing a great job. Download the four-track Nonnavera Mixtape below, out via Pretty Pretty Records.

Download: Yacht Club's Nonnavera Mixtape

Posted: August 07, 2012
Download Yacht Club’s Nonnavera Mixtape