Stream: Holy Strays, “Christabell A”

August 07, 2012

Holy Strays, the young Parisian producer Sebastian Forrester, released the jittery "Christabell B" last month, and now he follows up with the track he calls its "non-identical twin," "Christabell A." Percussion here is even more anxious, and the quick harp and organs evoke an uneasy church confession, with nervous thumb-drumming and a penitent's yelping snare. The "Christabell" single comes out August 13th via the new London label Morning Ritual, and it's up for preorder now; stream both below.

Stream: Holy Strays, "Christabell A"

Stream: Holy Strays, "Christabell B"

Posted: August 07, 2012
Stream: Holy Strays, “Christabell A”