Cop A Look: Tank Girl

August 09, 2012

Bold, brave and badass, if ever there was a female fictional character to look up to, Tank Girl would be it. Originally the apocalyptic comic book brainchild of Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, Tank Girl was transformed from comics to the big screen in 1995, and the filmmakers brought the wild, cartoonish color story to life. For the movie, Tank Girl wears over-the-top ensembles, equipped with various weapons, chunky body jewelry and heavy-duty boots, armor against the rugged dystopia that had become planet earth.

Pretty faced and wide-eyed, Tank Girl always added a touch of masculinity to her outfits. With ever-changing hair styles and band aids that serve as an indication to prior scuffles, the key to the Tank Girl look is to stay tough and unruly.

Clockwise from left: Pastel Flock Spot Bralet, Cutoff Shorts, Single Cross Earring, Manic Panic Hair Dye, Earflap Hat, Dr. Marten Samuel Boot

Clockwise from left: Goggles, Nose Jewelry, Fishnet Trouser Socks, Studded Fingerless Gloves, Stuffed Kangaroo

Posted: August 09, 2012
Cop A Look: Tank Girl