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Stream: Lower’s Walk On Heads EP

August 09, 2012

If you're in a band and you really feel like it, you can go all Lil B and release 678 million songs in a two day period and let people sift through the fallout until they realize that you're doing something great. It completely destroys any kind of concept of self-editing, but after a couple years you'll probably have some dedicated fans. The other method is to do like Denmark's Lower and release a quick EP of four concise and somewhat similar songs that runs under eight minutes. Doing this requires some serious songwriting chops—how do you make sure you're not releasing a throwaway collection? Lower pull this off by crafting blocky guitar squall, punch-square-in-the-nose vocals and a constant barrage of drums. 13-year-old me would be beyond stoked, but it's a testament to their songwriting talent that the 20-something me is pretty into it as well. Get it now from Escho.

Stream: Lower, Walk On Heads

Lower Tour:
08-10 Göteborg, Sweden - Way Out West
08-26 Copenhagen, Denmark - Bumzen
08-30 Copenhagen, Denmark - Bremen
09-15 Tilburg, The Netherlands - Incubate Festival

Stream: Lower’s Walk On Heads EP