Diplowatch 2012 #7: Diplo Raps

August 13, 2012

Update, 8/14/2012: Watch Three Loco's "We Are Farmers" video above.

Diplo, recent victim of extreme magazine airbrushing, raps for the first time on a new version of "We Are Farmers," a track originally released in January by Three Loco, the group Riff Raff, comedian Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty (aka actor turned-porn star Simon Rex) cooked up while all living in Los Angeles earlier this year. Diplo drops in at the 3:00 mark; here's his verse, transcribed in it's entirety:

I'm a funny boy/Goin Scottie Pippen in Illinois/ Tee flow diamond and corduroys/ Been a while since I was unemployed/ I'm the real McCoy/ Not Hatfield/ My RV got rims on 12 wheels/ I rock to the club on a school of seals/ Turtles and beluga whales/ Escargot and a plate of snails/ My phone goes broccoli and I get paid well/ Only time will tell/ Armored like I just cracked the liberty bell/ Gracin on the cover of Mademoiselle/ Sicker than the sick I was sickle cell/ Andy Milonakis just went to jail/ Drinking V8 in the V12/ With three Fs smelling like Adele

Three Loco's debut EP drops September 4th on Mad Decent, fulfilling a promise Riff Raff made to us in an April interview. If Riff Raff's to be further believed, there are even more Diplo raps in the world, waiting to be released. "It was destined for us to start working together," Riff Raff says of Diplo, who signed him in June. "He doesn’t have a net around him...We have close to 20 songs. Some of the beats are some hip-hop, some are electro house. It’s going to be as weird as the fact that it’s Riff Raff and Diplo doing an album. We’re doing it in the studio, on the spot. And he’s rapping on most of the songs. He raps in the same area as me, we say rap game such-and-such a lot." Download "We Are Farmers" and watch an impromptu Diplo freestyle from 2011 (he rhymes motherfucking backstage with motherfucking big rave), below.

Download: Three Loco f. Diplo, "We Are Farmers" (Prod. by Derek DJA Allen)

Diplowatch 2012 #7: Diplo Raps