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Bondax, “Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Remix)” MP3

August 22, 2012

It's very near the end of August, folks, which means that the nice, not-humid breeze you're feeling when you walk outside has officially turned from a relief into a sad reminder: summer is almost over. Still, no reason not to do everything in our power to stop time and pretend like it's not going to get dark and cold and miserable again. One way to do that is with Justin Martin's "Endless Summer Remix" of Bondax’s "Baby I Got That" which pitches up and echoes the big-spirited vocals, so they feel like a they could reach into the depths of winter, like a bright sunny sonar ping carrying us through to next year. Bondax's single "Baby I Got That/It's You" will be out on Just Us / Relentless on September 16th.

Download: Bondax "I Got That (Justin Martin Remix)

Posted: August 22, 2012
Bondax, “Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Remix)” MP3