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Altar Eagle, “Piglette” + Svamps Remix MP3

September 21, 2012

Altar Eagle, the project of Brad Rose and his wife Eden Hemming Rose, is tiny and intimate, like the couple recorded everything in their house, sipping coffee between song takes. Except, instrumentally, it exists in the stratosphere. If you spied on them through a telescope and then zoomed way out and realized that what seemed like a normal family was living Jetsons style in some chrome house on top of a skinny pole or whatever weird situation they had going on. It's interesting to listen to in that sense—at once grounded and completely alien in its pristine intimacy. And then there's this Svamps remix, which breaks down the original, and then rebuilds it to be even busier and more alien. Altar Eagle's Nightrunners is out now on Digitalis.

Download: Altar Eagle, "Piglette"

Download: Altar Eagle, "Piglette" (Svamps Remix)

Altar Eagle, “Piglette” + Svamps Remix MP3