Celine Made the Ugliest/Best Shoes of All Time

October 01, 2012

I mean, props to Kanye West-beloved designer Phoebe Philo for taking it there on the Paris runways, but this blue fur pool sandal/Sesame Street Birkenstock that she designed as part of Celine’s spring collection feels more like a "fuck you" to everyone than a viable option for the shoe rack. Cathy Horyn, the fashion critic for The New York Times, couched the shoes in slightly more culturally political terms, viewing them as an answer to stereotypically chic heels that hurt women's feet and that every other designer seems to be making:

Bare feet were planted in mink-lined leather shower sandals or in pumps in red, lavender or chick-yellow mink. I guess Ms. Philo didn’t feel like getting dressed. Seriously, though, who wouldn’t be tempted to throw a big housewife yawn at all the noir-satin looks on the runways? Who wouldn’t want to wear furry slippers all day?

Whatever Philo's intention, they're certainly the most comfortable shoes we've seen for spring.

Posted: October 01, 2012
Celine Made the Ugliest/Best Shoes of All Time