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Stream: Thread Pulls, “5/8 Rhythm Here”

October 01, 2012

Dublin post-punk duo Thread Pulls is one of those bands that seems particularly sensitive to the fact that the fewer the sounds you use in a given production, the higher the impact of each one of them will be. Peter Maybury and Gavin Duffy and can write a nasty rhythm, and their 2010 album, New Thoughts, proved that it's possible to make very full-sounding rock music with little more than drums, bass and unprocessed vox. "5/8 Rhythm Here," the b-side of their upcoming "Youmeltwords" 12-inch, pushes these accomplishments even further, with bassist/vocalist Gavin Duffy plainly narrating the anatomy of its skeletal groove. This limited edition release is out October 22nd via Belfast's CF Records.

Stream: Thread Pulls, "5/8 Rhythm Here"

Posted: October 01, 2012
Stream: Thread Pulls, “5/8 Rhythm Here”