CMJourneyz Day 3: Angel Haze, LE1F, Prince Rama

October 20, 2012

We didn’t have enough pull to get our interns their own bunk-bed suite at Barclays Center, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with badges! While we’re holding it down at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse in Brooklyn, Patrick McDermott, Veronica Hoglund and Bri Sylvester will be hitting the streets, wiggling past doormen, bands and regular party drunks and reporting on the entire festival as it happens. Last night, Bri and Veronica made new friends and talked sequins. Check out their night out with Yvette, Angel Haze, Hundred Waters, LE1F, Maria Minerva, Prince Rama and more below.

VERONICA HOGLUND: Got past doors at Villain, for the Pitchfork/Topman party. Seems like a bunch of folks are headed in my direction. Apparently there's a capacity of 300, meanwhile there's at least 500 folks still waiting in line.

BRI SYLVESTER: Just arrived at XPO 929 for Yvette. Pretty empty but enough '80s Beverly Hills Cop music and silver woman mannequins to fill the void. Creative bar, though. It's a black wall with the drinks and prices chalked in with calligraphy. Darth Vader goblet being used as a tip jar.

VERONICA: You sure you aren't at an art opening? Thinking I should make friends and maintain ground at Villain, no re-entry.

BRI: I am afraid I one upped you there. Made friends with a friend of the guitarist of Yvette, Noah. I think his name is Danny. Just moved from Greenpoint. Could have used him last night to figure out where Autumn Bowl was. Here come the sound checks.

VERONICA: Angel Haze is on stage. She's wearing a killer body chain. Don't underestimate me when I say chain either. Shit looks heavy. She just told someone in the crowd to "Shut the fuck up!'" Now she's playing "Werkin Girls."

BRI: Yvette is on. Quick snappy intro beats. Kinda feel like I'm getting called into battle. The drummer is sick, every hit is like a gunshot. Wait, everyone just stopped playing, started fixing knobs on the ground, took gulps of Gatorade and picked it up again.

VERONICA: Shorter sets over here. Hundred Waters just came on. Slowing things down; I feel like I'm floating in a bubble of ambient synths and angelic voices. Everything is suddenly okay.

BRI: I think I have been listening to one song for at least ten minutes. The guitarist looks like he just fell asleep. Goodnight Yvette!

VERONICA: Waiting for LE1F. Three dudes in front of me: one in a pirate hat, another in a cowboy hat, the third in a top hat.

BRI: The sounds guy is wearing the same thing I've got on: brown leather boots, dark jeans, navy shirt, and light wash jean jacket. I don't have a mustache.

VERONICA: LE1F just got on stage. Long purple braids coming out the back of his hat and he's wearing a jersey that's entirely covered in jewels in the shape of some animal, maybe a snake. Shaking his ass better than I could ever try to. Crowd is loving it.

BRI: Walking out of 929 but can't believe I gotta leave. I want to take Yvette with me and make them play at every venue. Heading to 285 Kent for the Ad Hoc showcase.

VERONICA: LE1F is my spirit animal: "I'm purple, If I were pink I would die!" He's humping the stage, very casually.

BRI: I'm in at 285 Kent. I'm not exactly sure what I just walked in to. Lots of outer spacey moaning and wonky tones. It looks like they turned this place inside out, literally the walls are covered in graffiti. Watching Maria Minerva walk around in Union Jack leggings. Prince Rama is onstage. So much glitter and gems. Lead singer Taraka is parting a red sea of people, floating down the aisle and covered with a long bed sheet. Creepy bride.

VERONICA: Made a new friend and made them pose with me in the photo booth. Merchandise is playing. Fucking gritty guitar and loud drums. The singer sounds like he's trying to imitate Morrissey. There's a box of pizza getting passed around the crowd.

BRI: Taraka is getting passed around this crowd.

VERONICA: Everyone's getting real sloppy. Must be the unlimited access to 10 different flavors of vodka.

BRI: Hey! Patrick's here!


CMJourneyz Day 3: Angel Haze, LE1F, Prince Rama