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Stream: Kyson, “Ocean Tides” and “Remi”

October 26, 2012

The album art for Adelaide/Berlin producer Kyson’s forthcoming Blackstone EP, as seen embedded in the two streams below, looks kind of like autumn leaves and sky when you're squinting, and the music feels that way, too—pushed by delicate, compressed production that's speckled with crunches and billows, the pace unrushed but never sitting still either. By virtue of its moody singing, "Ocean Tides" is the immediate standout, but the mainly-instrumental "Remi" is seriously pretty too. Blackstone comes out October 29th via Moongadget.

Stream: Kyson, "Ocean Tides"

Stream: Kyson, "Remi"

Stream: Kyson, “Ocean Tides” and “Remi”