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Stream Gem Trails’ 7-Inch, Adobada

November 16, 2012

Gem Trails is the solo alias of Trevor Peterson, lead shredder in the Denver-born kraut band Woodsman and the founder of Fire Talk Records. Conveniently, he's putting out his new seven-inch on that label, giving Woodsman fans an occasion to hear what his contribution to the group might sound like if it weren't half buried in the ambient swamp. Drum machine-studded, "Adoba" and "Dont Stress" see him focusing the burner-drone vibe of his previous experiments into something a bit cleaner and more defined, though the tossed-off, flyaway guitar melodies still haven't outworn their welcome. Grab it from Fire Talk on November 27th.

Stream Gem Trails' 7-Inch, Adobada

Posted: November 16, 2012
Stream Gem Trails’ 7-Inch, Adobada