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Stream Unwound’s Live Album Live Leaves

December 10, 2012

If you immediately scrolled through the tracklist of this live Unwound album Live Leaves to check to see if "Corpse Pose" was on here, then you might as well just quit reading and scroll down to listen to the bulk of the record (minus the encores. You'll have to buy a physical copy for those). If you're still reading though—the gist is that Unwound were an Olympia, Washington band that found beauty in repetition and dissonance for many years before their spectacularly layered and gorgeous swan song Leaves Turn Inside You, a double album that featured a lot of strings and swirling guitars. Live Leaves culls material from plenty of great moments at the end of their time as a band. Recording quality varies, but it mostly sounds great, so if you're looking for an introduction (or just to revisit) one of the more on-the-low influential rock bands from recent years, you could do a whole lot worse than spending an hour with the stream below. Get your copy right here.

Stream: Unwound, Live Leaves (via Pitchfork)

01 We Invent You
02 Terminus
03 December
04 Look a Ghost
05 Scarlette
06 Lifetime
07 Corpse Pose
08 October All Over
09 Arboretum
10 Below the Salt
11 No Tech *
12 Valentine Card *
13 Radio Gra *
* not included in stream

Stream Unwound’s Live Album Live Leaves