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Airstrip, “Pleasure Center” MP3

January 04, 2013

"Pleasure Center," the very big-sounding opener of Airstrip’s debut LP, makes a pretty strong case both for and against the pastime of partying like a rock star every night. The song's two-word refrain, good feeling, accrues layer upon layer of irony as frontman Matthew Park details the endless train of euphoric highs and bodily lows that such a lifestyle entails, the vicious cycle whereby your depleted seretonin/ what you blame for all the moaning/ things on which you've become dependent/ bringing you back to resplendent. The upswing is that, on the level of songcraft and energy alone, the song itself so perfectly captures the "resplendent" part of the equation—or maybe that's the downswing, but at least it's a good reminder of why stripped-down rock & roll, when done very well, is some of the most addictive music around. The North Carolina-based group drops Willing on February 5th via Holidays for Quince.

Download: Airstrip, "Pleasure Center" MP3

Posted: January 04, 2013
Airstrip, “Pleasure Center” MP3