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Livestream London Men’s Fashion Week

January 07, 2013

In the past few years, the three days of London Men's Collections have attracted the world's attention as the best time to catch innovative menswear fly before your eyes, with beautiful weirdos like Nasir Mazhar, William Richard Green and Astrid Andersen parading what seems like an endless runway of fresh ideas. Fur basketbal jerseys, anyone? But, if you're stuck in the States like us, check here to stream some of the best collections, like Martine Rose, Christopher Raeburn and Shaun Samson's, as they're speeding by. Look below for the schedule.

Martine Rose 9.30 AM, Tuesday 8 January
Sibling 12.00, Tuesday 8 January
Christopher Raeburn 09.00 AM, Wednesday 9 January
Shaun Samson 7.00 AM, Wednesday 9 January
Xander Zhou 12.00, Wednesday 9 January

Posted: January 07, 2013
Livestream London Men’s Fashion Week