Milk Music, “I’ve Got A Wild Feeling” MP3

January 22, 2013

Is life weird for Dinosaur Jr.? The answer to that question, for so many reasons, is yes, absolutely, life is weird for Dinosaur Jr. Imagine being a band that has had a chance at multiple lives, multiple careers, multiple generations of people freaking out and relating to your malaise. Imagine being able to take a vague word like WHATEVER and turn it into an entire sound that is able to convey that emotion with real heart—apathy as sadness as anger and on and on and on. "I've Got A Wild Feeling" by Olympia, Washington's Milk Music follows in those footsteps, without blatantly aping that aesthetic. Guitars sound like they're about to fall apart, vocals are just-out-of-bed bleary, even as they're laying out personal truths about wanting to be real and get older. "I've Got A Wild Feeling" is about a lot of things. It's obtuse enough for you to pull from it your own meaning, but it's also about the shitty life truths, and about how sometimes listening to someone who sounds pretty fed up can make you feel completely better. "I've Got A Wild Feeling" is a huge step forward for Milk Music. It comes from their upcoming LP, out April 2nd on Fat Possum.

Download: Milk Music, "I've Got A Wild Feeling"

Tour dates -
03-09 Monterrey, Mexico - NRML Festival
03-15 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge *
03-16 Vancouver, British Columbia - Biltmore Cabaret *
03-17 Olympia, WA - Northern *
03-18 Portland, OR - Star Theater *
03-20 Reno, NV - The Holland Show Space at Rainshadow *
03-23 San Francisco, CA- Bottom of the Hill *
05-30 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas

* with Gun Outfit

Milk Music, “I’ve Got A Wild Feeling” MP3