Hear Lil B and Joey Bada$$’s Diss Tracks at Each Other

January 29, 2013

Update 1/30/2013: "Don't Quit Your Day Job" is Joey Bada$$' swift response to Lil B's diss, a freestyle over Janet Jackson's "That's the Way Love Goes" instrumental, released last night. Joey uses the track equally to disparage Lil B's "flame" and shout out Bay Area legends like E-40 and Mac Dre. In its wake, both guys seem thankfully disinterested in continuing an argument. "My son @joeyBADASS_ hard thoo i see ya REAL HIP HOP," wrote Lil B. "Done with the topic tho," Joey declared at 4:20 this morning. "Thanks for the promo."

Stream: Joey Bada$$, "Don't Quit Your Day Job"


Previously: In June of last year, Brooklyn rapper Capital STEEZ, who passed away in December, rapped, They say hard work pays off/ Well tell the Based God don't quit his day job. STEEZ was a member of Joey Bada$$'s Pro Era crew; he was appearing on a song headlined by Joey, called "Survival Tactics," whose video will soon hit two million YouTube views. It's embedded below. Apparently, time in the based universe moves at another speed, because now, seven months later, Lil B has prepared his retort, via a slightly misdirected "diss and warning shot" at Bada$$, only referencing him in the song's last line: If you really think you a badass/ I turn you into trash, you little bitch. Hardly the most personal attack. "DON'T BE THE NEXT JOE," Lil B says in the YouTube description, referencing his far more direct diss at Joe Budden, in 2010. Worst case scenario, Lil B just released a two-minute-long song, which he's done some twelve thousand times at this point. Joey has reiterated STEEZ's initial diss and added, over two tweets, "Truthfully basedgod, your not worth the time.. Im glad eye was tho.. Keep bangin… A lil offended that he didnt go harder than that." Seems like that'll be the end of it. Pretty strange beef overall. Pink Flame, Lil B's next mixtape, presumably comes out pretty soon.

Hear Lil B and Joey Bada$$’s Diss Tracks at Each Other