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Snasen, “Failing Upwards” MP3

January 30, 2013

Working from home, the world takes on a different tint. When I used to spend my days commuting to and from an office, my interactions with the world at large were mostly reserved for mornings and evenings. Working from home, it's always present and it's a weird, wide open feeling—something between a mix of self-imposed responsibility and an intense desire to just wander around aimlessly. For the most part, it's about buckling down and doing the work, but on those days when wandering around seems like the best way to clear my head, I'm essentially looking for music like "Failing Upwards" from Norwegian producer Snasen, which is constructed from electronic tropes you're probably familiar with: pitched-down vocal samples, a drone of bass rising and falling, drums that sound weirdly organic, like the sound of someone slapping a tin can in another room. But what makes it stand out is the textured layers that get added in: glitchy twinkles, radio static. It's a tasteful song that propels even as it remains unintrusive. Snasen's Failing Upwards EP is out February 15th on Sellout!

Download: Snasen, "Failing Upwards"

Posted: January 30, 2013
Snasen, “Failing Upwards” MP3