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Preview Robert Turman’s Beyond Painting Album

January 31, 2013

Last year, John Elliott's Spectrum Spools reiussed a lost double album from the enigmatic Robert Turman, an American sound artist who has been experimenting with tape loops, drum sequencers and live instrumentation since the early '70s. His compositions tend to run long, and are quite the opposite of cold and clinical, as much a product of his sharp ear for melodic construction as the meditative repetitions of minimalism. He's been self-releasing them for decades—mostly in the form of hyper-limited cassettes—but Spectrum Spools' reissue of Flux , his 1981 solo debut, has brought the guy some long-overdue recognition, including this vinyl reissue of a 1990 double album of his called Beyond Painting, which is apparently so obscure, that the original run of CDRs, first issued in 2010, hasn't even sold out yet. Listen to a medley of sounds from this moody ambient masterwork below, and grab a copy of the album via Fabrica.

Stream: Robert Turman, Beyond Painting Preview

Posted: January 31, 2013
Preview Robert Turman’s Beyond Painting Album