Line Item: Matthew Miller’s Foil Pocket Sweatshirt

February 05, 2013

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our column Line Item, we ask some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the best pieces from their newest collections. Today, Matthew Miller tells us about a special sweatshirt from his collaboration with online retailer Mr Porter Online. Buy it here and read what Miller has to say:

As an industrial designer, I always want the user of my products to engage with them and be a part of the final piece, so that they are as emotionally connected to the piece as I am. My innovative D2C (Destroy 2 Create) capsule collection with Mr Porter Online invites the owner to be do-it-yourself with the piece. We actually encourage you to tear open the shiny silver rectangle (a symbol of perfection) printed on to the garment and, in doing so, you create two further details that were hidden behind the silver placket: a pocket and a leather key-fob. Best of all, your own action leaves an individual tear-mark on the piece, and from then on it's completely yours, and no two will be exactly alike. It is these interactive engaging elements that interest me most about industrial design for the human form.

From The Collection:

Line Item
Posted: February 05, 2013
Line Item: Matthew Miller’s Foil Pocket Sweatshirt