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DJ Koze feat. Caribou, “Track ID Anyone?”

February 06, 2013

Is it possible that DJ Koze has gone mad? First, he goes without releasing a proper album for eight years, and then he's sitting on top of a raindeer wearing an old school pilot outfit, staring out at us from the front cover of a sonically globe-trotting double LP that's being billed as the legendary Berlin producer's answer to Sgt. Pepper's. Actually, considering his history of assuming disguises, that might not actually be Koze on the cover, but the new album is called Amygdala, and in addition to namechecking guests like Matthew Dear, Dirk von Lotzow and Apparat, it's supposed to represent a psychedelic joyride of sorts into the far reaches of Koze's endlessly intertextual, musical subconscious. Aside from the chimes at the beginning of this first single—oddly titled with the question, "Track ID Anyone?"—what's exciting is less how far-flung Koze's sound sources are here than how neatly and delicately he's fit them all together (even before the track turns into a pretty straightforward pop song sung by Caribou's Dan Snaith). Amygdala comes out March 26th via Koze's own Pampa Records.

DJ Koze feat. Caribou, "Track ID Anyone?"

Posted: February 06, 2013
DJ Koze feat. Caribou, “Track ID Anyone?”