Hear New Music from Sister Labels Friends of Friends and Young Adults

February 08, 2013

Young Adults, the sultriest of our four Labels to Watch in 2013, will release a new compilation called House Slippers on April 23rd, featuring comfy, deep house cuts from Max D, Grown Folk, Mark E, Permanent Vacation, Suzanne Kraft, Satin Jackets, NYCPartyInfo and Ben La Desh. Below, the LA label heads Leeor Brown and David Fisher have cooked up a preview mixtape, featuring a remix that'll make it onto the comp—"Maybe Snakes"—and one of my secret favorite mood-lifters, Crazy P's "Heartbreaker," off the UK veterans' great 2011 LP When We On.

Download: Young Adults' House Slippers Preview Mix

1. Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good
2. Suzanne Kraft - Maybe Snakes (Permanent Vacation Remix)
3. Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Ben Gomori's Staring You In The Eye Remix)
4. Crazy P - Heartbreaker
5. Ben La Desh - 27 Degrees
6. Chasing Kurt - In The Air (Raw Cut)
7. Mario Basanov - Damn Girl
8. Hot Chip - How Do You Do? (Todd Terje Remix)

And here's a label-related bonus, via Leeor Brown's other enterprise, Friends of Friends, and their newest signee, Evenings. Evenings has self-released some quiet classics over the past few years, which are being remastered as the Yore LP—due April 16th—in anticipation of an all-new full-length. "Friend (Lover)" originally hailed from 2011's North Dorm EP, and it's a fine showcase of the Virginia native's hammock-rocking micro-fill production.

Stream: Evenings, "Friend (Love)"

Hear New Music from Sister Labels Friends of Friends and Young Adults