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Blizzardo, “Nightshift” MP3

Pete Feigenbaum, a New Yorker who fronts the psychedelic trio Dinowalrus and used to tour with "Titus Andronicus, takes cues from more dance-ready shores when he dons his Blizzardo production guise. His airy, spaced-out "Nightshift," streaming below, has that repetitive, hallucinatory quality of house music in the early morning, the kind of song that's playing moments before you realize that the venue is closing, the sun's coming up, and the drugs have long since worn off. While you're here, check out a few other tracks from Blizzardo's Challenger EP, out now via OurLabel Intl.

Download: Blizzardo, "Nightshift"

Stream: Blizzardo, "Tax Day"

Stream: Blizzardo, "You Don't Know Jack"

Blizzardo, “Nightshift” MP3