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Don Bikoff, “Rindler’s Metamorphosis” MP3

February 13, 2013

Tompkins Square, the label that releases the Imaginational Anthem series, among plenty of other great works, is soon reissuing Don Bikoff’s Celestial Explosion, an album that was released in 1968, but should find plenty of ears today. "Rindler's Metamorphosis" is brief—just over three minutes of trembled finger picking and aggressive strumming that coils tighter and tighter until it's released into a languid conclusion. But it still sounds vital. Don Bikoff's Celestial Explosion is out February 26th on Tompkins Square. Bikoff will be playing a show with Daniel Bachman at Union Pool on April 30th.

Download: Don Bikoff, "Rindler's Metamorphosis"

Posted: February 13, 2013
Don Bikoff, “Rindler’s Metamorphosis” MP3