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Stream: Luxury Liners, “Valley High”

February 21, 2013

Luxury Liners is the new, deceivingly-not-yacht-rocky project of Baltimore's Carter Tanton, formerly of Lower Dens (read their GEN F for more). "Valley High" is two songs, really: first, the abstract, chirpy beat of the first minute, opening with an ear-grabbing, sampled monologue about beautiful things; and second, the more structured pop song that begins when Tanton opens his own mouth to sing. There are fine production details throughout, including a little half-yeah at 1:53 and something super-pitched down at 2:36. Luxury Liners' They're Flowers LP comes out April 2nd via Western Vinyl, and it's up for preorder now.

Stream: Luxury Liners, "Valley High"

Posted: February 21, 2013
Stream: Luxury Liners, “Valley High”