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Video: Sega Bodega, “Konerak”

February 25, 2013


The delightfully pronounceable Glasgow producer Sega Bodega released his first music video today, an ambiguous and haunting clip either about getting stuck in a routine or the rote similarities of male obsession. The track, "Konerak," with its main melody composed of up-and-down oohs that swim around the beat like a school of guppies, will open Sega Bodega's debut EP, 34, out April 1st via Week of Wonders. Below, hear "Tuomi," another track from the EP, and "Have u?," a "fuckin around" one-off with an incredible intro bit of sampled dialogue.

Stream: Sega Bodega, "Tuomi"

Stream: Sega Bodega, "Have u?"

Video: Sega Bodega, “Konerak”