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Download Friendzone’s Kuchibiru Network 3 Mixtape

February 26, 2013

Hard to believe the last Kuchibiru Network installment came out in 2011. For part three, awesomely, the lineup is almost exactly the same, just everyone is a little more famous; Main Attrakionz, Ryan Hemsworth, Skywlkr, Silkky Johnson, Julian Wass, LWH, Gummybear, 100 and Finally Boys have all returned. In another testament to the project, where spacey and vaguely Asiatic beats softly rain like from a low-flow but high class shower head, the new additions are pretty high profile, too, including Jerome LOL and Chief Keef affiliate DJ Kenn. Download below, light some candles, etc.

Download: Friendzone’s Kuchibiru Network 3 Mixtape

1. Moments (Part 2)
2. Mondre M.A.N. - Do Or Die (ft. Shady Blaze) [Prod. by FRIENDZONE]
3. Ryan Hemsworth - Oil Paintings
4. GuMMy†Be▲R - Sakura
5. Skywlkr - Ahhhfcuk
6. Jerome LOL - Rue Cler
7. DJ Two $tacks - Nothing Really Happens (ft. Scum Angel)
8. Main Attrakionz - Not Luv [Prod. by Konyaga Tanaka]
9. Silkky Johnson - Reality
10. FRIENDZONE - Rok Bottom
11. 100 - F
12. Keyboard Kid - W1+chBlVd3
13. Svengali - Lonely
14. Uptowngregg - Green Ova Lyfe
16. Julian Wass - (Theme From Kuchibiru Network 3)
17. Main Attrakionz - Green World (ft. Dope G & Shady Blaze) [Prod. by FRIENDZONE]
18. Finally Boys - Star Of Heaven
19. FRIENDZONE - Intimate
20. L.W.H. - Memorial (ft. FRIENDZONE)

Download Friendzone’s Kuchibiru Network 3 Mixtape