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Stream: Bored Nothing, “Echo Room”

February 26, 2013

Melbourne-based Fergus Miller is Bored Nothing, and while there are plenty of "Nothing" bands still floating around, it doesn't mean there isn't room for another one, especially when that name fits so well. "Echo Room" is actually one of Miller's more upbeat tracks, wedding slacker jangle to a distinctly-’90s obsession with the more heartbreaking aspects of aimlessness. Miller spends an album tackling living just outside the world he's part of, drinking, and not understanding things he feels like he's meant to understand, but he does it with grace and a great pop sensibility. Like the rest of his self-titled release (out April 9th on Spunk/Cooperative), "Echo Room" doesn't exactly glorify self-obsession and introspection, but it does prove that there's still plenty of interesting ground to be covered within the topic.

Stream: Bored Nothing, "Echo Room"

Posted: February 26, 2013
Stream: Bored Nothing, “Echo Room”