March 05, 2013

A few months ago, Slava emailed us to introduce a "badass russian juke producer" named OL. Born Oleg Buyanov, 26 years old and working in the same underground Moscow scene we wish we knew more about as Lapti, Nocow and Vtgnike, OL has a gift for cramming a ton of percussion into his tracks while still keeping them light, so his beats hang in the air like puffs of smoke. Eschewing national boundaries, his FADER mix opens with a mellow R&B track by Chicago's Peven Everrett before diving into sleepy-eyed house and techno from Detroit, Florida and New Jersey, all weaved together by a hearty helping of tracks of his own. For his mix's cover art, he asked us to use a photo of his girlfriend, Olya, because today is her birthday—OL is winning hearts at every turn.

Download: OL's FADER Mix

Slava initially put us in touch. How do you know each other? Slava is originally from Moscow, but we never met there. Once he moved to New York, he became famous enough as a music producer, and in 2012 he was invited to 100% chill event here in Moscow, in which I took part too.

What's it like where you live? I live in Kuncevo area in west side of Moscow. This area was upgraded during 1980 Olympic games, so there's lots of sport buildings, bike tracks, rowing canal, Moscow river. In general, it's more like park district.

You've made great remixes of Tyga and Lil B. Is there something inherently Russian about your approach to samples of American music? Usually I do sample Russian/Soviet movies, records, tapes and so on. Past times of our country left us greatest heritage in films art and music. It feels like endless digging sometimes.

What do you do besides music? Recently I work at small local Moscow clothing brand called Damn Apparel. Also helping my friends to make skateboard brand called Юнион (Union Skateboards).

What's your favorite food to cook, and how do you make it? I prefer easy, fast ways of cooking. Couscous + cucumber + boiled water. 5 minutes and you are done.

Peven Everett - Campaign
Kyle Hall - Untitled
OL - Untitled 1
aaron carl - drive (I-75)
c.z. & lil texas - what you want final
OL - Untitled 2
DJ Bake feat. DJ Kiff - Nobody's Perfect
OL - Saray
Matthew Stone x Michelle Lamy - How Do You Feel (MikeQ Remix)
OL - Untitled 3
OL - Untitled 4
OL - Get Depressed
Admin - Looking Through
Tyga - Rack City (OL remix)
OL & Yoin - You'll Never Know - (Divoli Svere x MikeQ Remix)

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