Seatraffic, “Superficial Heart (YR SKULL Remix)” MP3

Photographer Kyle Emery Peck
March 05, 2013

Dream pop duo Seatraffic released "Superficial Heart" last month, and today they've shared a sharp remix by fellow San Franciscan YR SKULL, who stretches their syllables and bathes the track in tight pops of snare and steel drums. Reminds me a bit of this just-as-hopeful gem from last summer. The original song and remix are both downloadable on Seatraffic's Bandcamp page.

Download: Seatraffic, "Superficial Heart (YR SKULL Remix)"

Stream: Seatraffic, "Superficial Heart"

Posted: March 05, 2013
Seatraffic, “Superficial Heart (YR SKULL Remix)” MP3