What to Pack for SXSW

March 08, 2013

Next Tuesday, thousands of previously sun-starved people will arrive in Austin, TX for the music portion of this year's SXSW. If you're one of them, take care to remember your phone charger, favorite jean jacket and toothbrush. If those things are obvious, above are a few more here-and-there items we've found helpful for making it through a couple years of FORT marathons. Ear plugs are the most important but snacks are essential too; it's just not as fun to walk miles then smoosh inside a club for hours on an empty stomach.

Minty tincture. Add to cold water to fight head and body aches. $12

Insulated cross-body camera bag that doubles as a cooler for six beers. $65

Orange-flavored tabs with lots of B vitamins and not a lot of calories. $12

Washable swimmers' earplugs and a case so you won't lose them. $2

Water-repellant, lightweight bag with two pockets. $50

Cute and comfortable spring sneakers. $200

High protein emergency meal replacement. $3

Balm for lips, face and body, in a compostable tube. $34

Extra battery life for extra Snapchats. $80

Sun-blocking hat with chin strap. $50

Get sweaty hair off of your sweaty face. $3

Hold on to your sunglasses. $55

Nausea-relieving treat. $3

Sensible sandals. $140

Avoid blisters. $8

What to Pack for SXSW