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Stream: Danny Brown, “Kush Coma”

Photographer Geordie Wood
March 19, 2013

Danny Brown, the "greatest rapper ever," has just teased his first album track in two years. "Kush Coma" was produced by his Bruiser Brigade brother Skywlkr, with a hook by newish crew member Zelooperz (who released a solo track today too, also streaming below) and a forthcoming guest verse by A$AP Rocky. Yesterday, Danny tweeted "If u remember the date when #XXX came out .. Yea #OLD coming out around that time," suggesting a mid-August release date for his much anticipated new LP. #Dead.

Stream: Danny Brown, "Kush Coma"

Stream: Zelooperz, "Hit a Lick"

Stream: Danny Brown, “Kush Coma”