Stream: Merkabah 13, “The Universal Mind”

March 19, 2013

In the months since we shared his 90 Percent of 13 EP, the teenage "shapeless art form" that is Merkabah 13—based near Atlanta but claiming Egypt as his home— has released three more slept-on, spiritual opuses: 13 Love (my favorite), Shape Shifts and Cosmic Ma'at. Flying under the radar, he is tallying hours of unusual, zonked instrumentals, developing an eccentric style of new age trip-hop that, like the tracks on Friendzone's Kuchibiru Network mixtapes, evokes rap but sounds full as standalone beats. His upload yesterday of "The Universal Mind," from some future EP, seems as good occasion as any to prod Merkabah 13 back into your psyche.

Stream: Merkabah 13, "The Universal Mind"

Stream: Merkabah 13, "La La La Have a Nice Day"

Stream: Merkabah 13, "OBE Pt. 1 (Jupiter)"

Stream: Merkabah 13, “The Universal Mind”