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Stream: Yola Fatoush, “Vibrant”

March 27, 2013

Paul Lester, in his Guardian "New band of the day" feature last year, described Yola Fatoush's sound at the time of their debut EP as "R&B ripped apart and reconstructed with all the bits in the wrong order." On their beguiling first full-length, the London duo have cast the genre net a little wider, adeptly producing and singing in an impressive number of styles informed by niche house and techno, from Chicago to South Africa. "Vibrant" is one of the LP's most accessible songs, an old-school vocal garage track with just a slight crooked limp, so it sounds at once delightfully amateur and smartly all-pro. Hear it below, along with a pair of older tracks. Up Out of It comes out out April 23rd via LA's leftfield label Time No Place.

Stream: Yola Fatoush, "Vibrant"

Stream: Yola Fatoush, "The Premesis"

Stream: Lloyd "You (Yola Fatoush Remix)"

Stream: Yola Fatoush, “Vibrant”