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Jay Arner, “Don’t Remind Me” MP3

Photographer Michelle Furbacher
April 03, 2013

According to his artist's statement, Vancouver solo rocker Jay Arner has made the above cover art to his self-titled debut album a close-up of his face in order to confront his own shyness. The photo is framed in an interesting way, then: it just barely shows his naked shoulders, not much to reveal but proof that he stripped for a photographer somewhere, in a semi-intimate act that was presumably scarier for him than the vague knowledge that you would someday see ten square inches of flesh. The photo shows precisely that he showed, and, even more, that the showing was about him not you. That might actually be the hallmark of all great bedroom pop. With that in mind, here's his fine "Don't Remind Me." Jay Arner comes out June 25th via Mint Records.

Download: Jay Arner, "Don't Remind Me"

Posted: April 03, 2013
Jay Arner, “Don’t Remind Me” MP3