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Stream: Holy Sons, “Aged Wine”

April 04, 2013

In the '90s, before he was known for his work in bands like Grails and Om, Portland's Emil Amos wrote an estimated 1,000 songs under the moniker Holy Sons, inspired by a lo-fi, home recording movement in indie rock that was probably more experimentally minded than the one that is currently coming to a close. My Only Warm Coals, which he released to little fanfare as a 10-inch late in the latter part of that decade, compiles 10 of his most memorable songs from that prolific period, all recorded on a four-track. On April 23rd, Important Records will be re-issuing the cult favorite with nine previously unreleased Holy Sons tracks. The sinister and smoldering "Aged Wine," below, is one of them.

Stream: Holy Sons, "Aged Wine"

Posted: April 04, 2013
Stream: Holy Sons, “Aged Wine”