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Stream: NONONO, “Pumpin Blood”

April 08, 2013

NONONO is the newish Swedish trio fronted by Stina Wappling and backed by longtime production partners Astma and Rockwell. "Pumpin Blood" may very well make them famous—like Icona Pop, whose "I Love It" has become radio-ubiquitous in New York, and for whom Astma and Rockwell have also produced. This is quite the pop song, with a big chorus—It's your heart/ It's alive/ It's pumpin blood/ And it won't hurt while it's whistlin—that is of course followed by actual cheery whistling. "Pumpin Blood" comes out in Scandinavia on April 8th via Warner Music, with another single out the same day via Best Fit Recordings.

Stream: NONONO, "Pumpin Blood"

Posted: April 08, 2013
Stream: NONONO, “Pumpin Blood”