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W.H.I.T.E., “I Wasn’t Afraid” MP3

April 08, 2013

"I Wasn't Afraid" hails from LA pop guy Cory Thomas Hanson's third album as W.H.I.T.E., called III. It's a fantastic LP, dancing quite mesmerizingly around the atmospheric styles paved by Cluster and Screamadelica, sometimes leaning on quieter guitar strums but sounding strongest, as it does here, when Hanson packs its dance elements tight into a straight-up bliss bomb. III comes out May 28th via New Jersey's Aagoo Records.

Download: W.H.I.T.E., "I Wasn't Afraid"

Posted: April 08, 2013
W.H.I.T.E., “I Wasn’t Afraid” MP3