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FADER Mix: Evenings

April 09, 2013

In the summer of 2011, during a particularly high water time for beat-noodling on Bandcamp, Palmrya, Virginia-based producer Evenings self-released Lately, his fantastic and down-to-earth debut LP. Snare hits fall like fat raindrops and beats swim backwards, but it's the fine piano playing that set the record apart. Evenings has been pretty quiet since—he lives in Harlem now, where he's working on a proper followup. On April 16th, in an inspired move, Friends of Friends will release Yore, a remastered compilation of tracks from Evenings' North Dorm EP, Lately and his Unreleased Collection EP, plus a new song. On April 25th in LA, he'll throw a release party. For now, download his FADER mix and read a quick chat about moving to New York and cooking quinoa.

Download: Evenings' FADER Mix

Were you working on music steadily since releasing Lately? If not, what else have you been up to? I'm always working on new music, but it's not always something that I think is good enough to put out and let people hear. Leeor [who runs Friends of Friends] might hear it, but besides him it may never see the light of day. Other than music, I've been traveling a little bit. Not exactly touring extensively, but I made it over to Australia for a short one. That was a long flight from New York. Everyone there was real cool. I plan on doing some more traveling this summer.

What does Harlem have that Charlottesville doesn't? Everything. It's not very hard to find something to do in NY. Some of my best friends live downtown, and my brother lives in Brooklyn.

And what did Charlottesville have that Harlem doesn't? Polos. Thomas Jefferson.

What's your favorite thing to cook, and how do you make it? I made some quinoa yesterday, and I was like, Damn. Just bring some water to a boil, throw in a cup full of quinoa, and bring it down to a simmer. Let it go for 15-20 minutes. You can throw in some salt and pepper, maybe some chia seeds, and chop up some vegetables and let those simmer as well. Once you're done with that, sear some chicken and chop it into cubes then throw it in the bowl with the quinoa and vegetables. Pour some soy sauce on that, stir, and enjoy yourself.

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FADER Mix: Evenings