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Download GrandeMarshall’s Mugga Man Mixtape

April 10, 2013

As we finally enter a season where we no longer have to factor coats into our daily lives, it feels like we should slow down, move less, relax more. Just in time comes Mugga Man, the new release from Philadelphia's most perpetually laid-back rapper, GrandeMarshall, and it's front-to-back lush (is that a clarinet on "Superleggera?"). The tape sticks to that relaxed vibe for each of its 21 tracks, pointing in a harder, but still thick and heavily weed-indebted future direction. Catch the video for the title track here, and Rembert Browne's Gen F on GrandeMarshall from FADER #83 here.

Download: GrandeMarshall, Mugga Man

Below, Grande Marshall talks about his favorite not-home-or-work hangout ("like Friends, if it was for black people") at this year's FADER FORT.

Download GrandeMarshall’s Mugga Man Mixtape